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While most other sleep supplements contain estrogenic ingredients that lowers a man’s testosterone levels, Man Sleep contains only proven ingredients that help with sleep but that don’t negatively effect a your testosterone levels.


The natural little blue pill that boosts libido and supercharges your ambition. Man Mojo isn’t just any other libido booster. Others contain small amounts of unproven ingredients, while Man Mojo has full doses of nature’s most potent and proven sex drive and sex performance nutrients.

Man Greens

Man Greens is the only greens supplement with clinically effective doses of superfoods that help improve health, vitality, and testosterone…

Man Boost

With chemical estrogens invading our way of life, and estrogenic ingredients found in meals we consume daily, Man Boost is your line of defense with…

Man Brain

Man Brain helps you focus, it boosts creativity and may help fight cognitive decline. Simply put, Man Brain is fuel for your ambition.

MAn D3

Vitamin D3 isn’t actually a vitamin, it’s a hormone that regulates more than 1,000 bodily functions, including everything you need to be successful as a man — like fertility, growth, hormone secretion, and sexual function. It’s even been shown to help fight viruses and boost testosterone.


It’s this group of NATURAL libido-boosting ingredients combined together that puts the Libido Stack male support formula in a class of its own. Because it’s natural and supports the most important functions needed for desire, performance and drive.

Testosterone Stack

Male testosterone levels are on the decline. Adding Man Greens and Man Boost to your daily routine will help you stave off this physical, mental, and sexual decline that’s seeing men’s depression, obesity, and impotence rise each decade. Want to thrive in the bedroom and the boardroom? Get the Testosterone Stack.


Being an alpha is one part physical, one part mental, and one part hormonal. The Alpha Male Stack contains the best, most powerful natural ingredients you can find to increase your testosterone levels, while lowering estrogen and cortisol and improving brain function. Be elite. Be an ALPHA.


By Combining Man Brain and Man Greens, you get an influx  of natural ingredients that will help improve focus, creativity, fight cognitive decline, and improve attention span. If you want to perform at your best in any area of life, the Focus Stack is a MUST.


The Immunity Stack has everything you need to boost your immune system, but also your testosterone levels. You get full doses of D3, Zinc, and a host of superfoods that help boost immunity as well as your most important male hormones. This stack is a must for any man who wants to thrive.


With the power of Man Boost paired with Man D3 skyrocket levels of testosterone. Most of the testosterone in your body is bound to a protein, essentially rendering it useless. Vitamin D ‘unbinds’ this bound testosterone, freeing it up to move around the body and repair tissue, improve sexual function, help burn more fat, and do everything that testosterone does.

Brain stack

Combining Man Brain and Man D3 creates a powerful combination for productive work days, efficient memory, and more than 1,000 bodily functions, including everything you need to be successful as a man. To be able to put more efficient energy into what you’re passionate about is every driven man’s dream.

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We don’t hide behind proprietary blends. Every ingredient is carefully chosen based on the latest science, and then used in full doses with every serving. We double-test every ingredient that goes into our supplements, insuring that there are no foreign substances, only what’s on the label.

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Focusing on male performance, our supplements not only help you improve your health, but also your hormones, helping your body to perform more efficiently at burning fat and building muscle. The goal of every supplement is to help your body perform more efficiently by optimizing your uniquely masculine hormones. For men, there are no better supplements.​

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